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When clients initially enter into psychotherapy they are sometimes already aware of what is causing them distress and sometimes they need help in figuring this out. The services I offer help with this initial stage of assessing the problems. The next steps are creating a plan with client goals and then providing the treatment to meet these goals.

- Assessment: Emotional difficulties and emotional functioning.

- Individual Psychotherapy

- Clinical Hypnosis: aiding in the treatment of anxiety, depression, in enhancing self esteem, performance, self control and self awareness as well as many other issues.

- Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for all populations: In addition to healing post-traumatic stress, EMDR can be effective for many other types of problems, including anxiety, depression, pain management and addictions.

- Couples Therapy: using a variety of interventions, in support of both partners, to increase understanding, intimacy and satisfaction in the relationship.

- Trauma Therapy: for people experiencing acute trauma or suffering from a history of trauma.

- Chronic Illness: assisting patients and/or family members in coping more comfortably with illness. Advocacy services in other settings, working with patients and doctors to help in managing illness.

- Parenting Support: helping parents enhance their skill set by providing support, skills and information including assisting in parents with children who are challenged by school anxiety.

- Women’s Issues: providing therapy in support of societal and developmental challenges that women face.

- Anxiety: providing swift and more intensive interventions and support for people facing acute anxiety.

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Treatment: helping individuals, parents, partners and family members learn coping strategies, adjust to and learn to live with the diagnosis. Providing practical coping strategies in everyday living.

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